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Genacol® Clinical Studies

Of the very few collagen products, most have a very low absorption rate, something in the neighbourhood of twenty percent.

Genacol® is the best of these products, because it is, first of all, a collagen matrix. It stimulates production of all kinds of collagen rather than furnishing only one of the fourteen. Genacol is produced from pure collagen through a difficult formulation process carried out in Canada as a result of a partnership between DirectLab Inc. and a bio-Technological laboratory. The end product is Genacol, which has been demonstrated to have a very high bio-availability.

In a very significant three-month study aimed at comparing Genacol® with a liquid formula and a market collagen, Dr. Stephen Ho, a well known trauma physician, evaluated the results using five groups of test subjects. Each group consisted of 30 subjects, all similar in size, weight, health condition, age, and gender. The first group was given the Genacol® product to be taken over a 90-day period; the second group took the liquid collagen; the third group received a common market collagen supplement; the fourth group was given a placebo composed of neutral ingredients; the fifth group (the control group) was given nothing at all.

A physical history was taken before and after the 90-day study to compare the groups. The Genacol® group have obtained the best results, followed by the liquid collagen, the market collagen, the placebo, and then the control group. The study was independent, and Dr. Ho was not paid by any commercial entity for conducting it. (Table 1 below summarizes the results.)

The Genacol® group recorded considerable reduction of aches and pains. This group also recorded considerable increases in its feelings of youth and vigour. The liquid collagen group, using a Type II collagen in liquid form, demonstrated favourable improvements, but nearly 30% less than the Genacol® group. Genacol® is the best of all products because it is a collagen matrix.

Group III, which was administered an over-the-counter market collagen, showed only nominal improvement. It obtained the same results as the placebo group. The placebo group, Group IV, received only a non-bioactive capsule. There were minor improvements recorded, most of which can be attributed to psychological factors, given that they expected results. This group was unaware that it was not being given any collagen.

The Control group, Group V, was given neither Type II collagen nor a placebo. In composition, age, gender, and state of health, the members were similar to Groups I through IV. Histories were taken at the beginning of the study and at the end. Other than a minor weight and body fat increase, no other changes were observed. Dr. Ho's conclusion was that the Genacol® brand collagen matrix in its pure, dry-state form, was far superior to that of the liquid or the market collagens. He also concluded that Genacol®, taken on a regular basis, resulted in a more youthful appearance and feeling. Pains were significantly reduced along with a significant decrease in body weight and body fat. He also stated that the group taking Genacol® reported a more restful and longer sleep period, as well as more energy during waking hours.


Dr. Price's Study

Dr. Patrick Price, a Houston health professional, conducted another major independent study on Genacol®, which used three groups of patients that were essentially identical in makeup. Dr. Price found that Genacol® produced highly-observable improvement in energy, arthritic and injury pain relief, as well as skin texture. A placebo group had only minor improvements, and the control group, like the one in Dr. Ho's study, remained the same.

The results from Dr. Stephen Ho's and Dr. Patrick Price's research agree with those from other studies on collagen which were made across the world.

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