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"I wondered why I had such cramping in my hands while I was trying to teach music class. Then I remembered I had run out of Wobenzym!" Music Teacher - Johnsburg, IL
"I just started taking Genacol two weeks again, and I can feel the pain is less already." Anon. - McHenry, IL
"I started taking Wobenzym for my joints and was pleasantly surprised how much it helped my sinus allergies too!" Lori - Mchenry, IL
"Genacol has helped eliminate my siatica pain" Anon. - Antioch IL
"I am 72 years old and have played ukulele for many years. I developed severe pain in my left thumb where it attaches to the wrist area. It became impossible for me to play my ukulele because the pain was too much.
I had our hand surgeon take a look and X-Rays showed that the area was bone-on-bone with essentially no cartilage. He said that I could have surgery, but we knew from my wife's hand surgeries that it would mean the end of my ability to play my ukulele.
This was about 3 years ago. I began taking Genacol (4 capsules per day) and noticed almost immediate improvement. I was able to play my ukulele for very brief periods, and then had severe tenderness for several days, but the pain would eventually subside. After about 6 months I was able to play as much as I wanted without any severe discomfort, but with a bit of stiffness. Still, I was able to enjoy my ukulele for a few minutes every day without major discomfort.
About 2 years ago I discovered the second largest amateur ukulele club in the U.S. is right here in Dallas (Dallas Ukulele Headquarters [DUH]). I began going to their gigs and was able to play as much as I wanted and practice as much as I wanted without any discomfort. Now, I play my ukulele several times each week in Adult Assisted Living residences and have no discomfort whatever.

 I am still taking 4 capsules every day and increase the dosage to 6 ,rarely, when I begin to feel a 'twinge' of stiffness. I thought you might like to see some visual examples of my recent playing on YouTube. These are all songs that would have been impossible for me to play without the Genacol effect.
Well, that is my testimony. Just notice my left thumb as you watch these videos and you will see that this would be entirely impossible with no cartilage. I never went back for more X-Ray's....and certainly not for surgery.
Don Aspromonte
I feel really great! I would say like a new person, but that would probably sound corny.
I am not bothered by the arthritis as Iwas before, too stiff and unable to move well. I actually feel a spring in my step when I walk.....As far as I am concerned, this is truly a miracle drug!"
Brenda Gutekunst, Meza Arizona
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